Supporting you to become the very best version of YOU.

Live Your Purpose

We are discovering your true unique Self and transform your self-image so you can be what you came here to be. Live your innate talents, bring your gift to the world and self-actualise.

Let Go Of What Blocks You

We are transforming limiting beliefs from past conditioning and find a light-hearted way to play with your shadows to integrate them. Both are unconsciously impacting every single result you get in life.

Heal Mind & Body

We are working with Human Design, modern Ayurveda and other body and energy modalities to honour the mind-body connection. Knowing your Human Design and doshic blueprint will empower you to a lifestyle that fits uniquely you.

Meet Marie

Purpose and Self-Image

Do you know why you came here? Are you authentically you? We all have thoughts and feelings which shape our current mindset and therefore our reality. I want to remind you that you can control your vibrational state and therefore the results you get in life. You have infinite potential. You can create the life you really want. My coaching programs will help your wings expand and grow, so you can finally take flight and live the life you were destined to live.

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Growing and Healing

Growing and healing go hand in hand. Whenever we grow we transcend old patterns, limiting beliefs, shadows or trauma. We always need to heal holistically meaning mind AND body - forgetting about one will not give you the results you are hoping for. Healing comes in all forms. I use Human Design, modern Ayurveda and other body and energetic modalities to individualise your healing process. In order to heal, you have to let go and trust the process. Whether you are physically or emotionally healing, working together we can create a safe space for you to be able to shift out of your current reality. I want you to feel understood, safe and empowered; and that starts with healing from within.

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Business and Success

Success is so personal and individual. Whether you are a CEO, want to have your own business or you are ready to level up, I can help you hold your vision for your professional self image. How do you see yourself at work? How do you want to see yourself? What is it that you came here to do? Success is there for you to have, and in your own vision.

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