Rethinking Relationships and Love

relationships Nov 29, 2022

Rethinking relationships

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about relationships and those of you who know me know that I sucked at most of my relationships, if not all of them, especially when it comes to the relationship with myself.
And finally (being 40 and getting the chance to start all over again) I started asking questions instead of acting from conclusions and limited points of view. What a freakin' game changer because the answers that came literally blew my mind and everything has changed. 
God - I love the universe so so much and I am eternally grateful for it preparing the stage for me in such a loving and nurturing way to receive something so radically different that most of you will probably think I've lost it - and indeed I have!
Because you need to loose something to make space for something new, right - in this case new perceptions and points of view around what love and relationships mean in this reality and if I would...
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The backwards law - the more you want it, the more you push it away...damn paradoxes

universal laws Nov 05, 2022

Hey love,

are you working hard to achieve your goals or find solutions to your problems? Do you plan and do and do an do, so the results come? They must eventually, right? And when they don't you wonder "Am I too stupid? Not as capable as others? Why is it no working? It must be me!"

So you are results-oriented and (when you are really honest) not really enjoying the process at all. Your focus is on results, results, results and when they do not come you are frustrated, frustrated, frustrated.

Let me remind you: All the miracles in this universe lie in the paradox. The harder you try to achieve/get something, the more you push it away. Oh boy!

That is the law of reversed effort or the backwards law as Alan Watts called it. We got it all wrong! We got everything backwards. Like in this quote in the header from Alan Watts - you wanna float in the water, you need to kick back and relax. If you start making an effort to stay afloat it becomes so much work and eventually you run out of...

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How the celestial weather is affecting us right now: Mars retrograde in Gemini starting October 30th

cosmic weather Oct 30, 2022

Tomorrow Mars, the planet of energy and passion, willpower and drive, turns retrograde in Gemini. Mars Retrograde will lasts for about two and half months and ends on January 12, 2023.

“So what does that have to do with me and my personal life?” you might ask.

Well, it gives you an insight in how far certain energies are influencing you. It’s pretty accurate if you ask me, as it tells you WHAT is happening, HOW it is happening and WHERE it is happening in your life. I think this is pretty darn cool to know, as it tells me where to be more mindful or observant and it kinda also gives me an agenda when it comes to my personal development.

I do not believe in forcing anything (although I still fall into the trap of trying to force certain things). I believe in going with the flow. Going with the natural cycle of things. As I am a Ayurvedic consultant I was always prone to rather working with nature, with the seasons and not against them. Since I am training as a Human...

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Exhausted from overachieving and people pleasing?

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2021

Exhausted from overachieving and people pleasing?

There is another way to live your life! A life of inspiration and fun!

Don't repell all the good that wants to come to you by stressing out to reach your goal or making it right for others all the time.

I had to find out the hard way - you don't have to!

Want to know more about how to break free from overachieving or people pleasing? Reach out and we have a chat about it. 

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