I always knew that I was destined to serve.

I've been placed on this beautiful Earth to connect with you and guide you to an enhanced lifestyle.

I have been helping people my whole life, it is my deepest passion. I have over 20 years experience in personal growth and development.

I am a systemic personal and business coach, a professional ayurvedic consultant, and a mindset consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

Law and business have also been a passion of mine for over 15 years, having worked in two international law firms and for the international department of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation. I have trained and coached employees in over 44 different countries and have lived in different countries including Germany, the U.S., New Zealand, Belgium, Uruguay and Mexico. I have recently moved to Seoul with my family. 

All my travels, experiences, and relationships have brought me to this point, where I can fully be present in the lives of my clients.

I have a unique approach to growth combining the latest science of mindset work with the wisdom of modern Ayurveda.  


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It's time for you to live a life you love; a happy, healthy and abundant life.

To Take Root means to feel rooted in yourself, to believe in your infinite potential. To believe that everything is possible for you, to trust yourself and the process of your transformation.

If you are rooted, nothing can shake you, you feel stable, healthy, strong and able to conquer the world.

I started the Take Root Movement with you in mind. I am here to  help and guide you to create the life you truly desire. Together we can holistically heal your mind and body so that your wildest dreams can be attained. 

To take root means to begin to grow and nourish yourself through your own roots.




There is absolute greatness in us.

I create a space for new beliefs to take root in your mind, and you start growing into the best version of yourself. Living your purpose and accessing your full potential will have a ripple effect on your family, friends, and your career. 

Let's spread some seeds of love so you can be what you are capable of being. 

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